001. about the dude.

name's finn, a french, chaotic professional procrastinator. i am 29 years old and live in a little brewery town in germany. however, that doesn't make me a beer drinker; i don't actually like beer that much. i am more the liquor or apple wine drinker, but otherwise i am incredibly font of coke mixed with fanta (in germany we call this "spezi").

i've been doing websites since 2006, i used to be part of the fanlisting community in 2011, but due to different interests and real life, i completely abandoned it. other than doing websites, i also have a youtube account where i make vocaloid covers. i play video games in my free time as well, mainly JRPGs but also switch between oder games if the story is nice. since end of 2018, i play final fantasy xiv, i usually lurk a lot on brynhildr (crystal), but i can also be found on lich (light). i do have more characters, but those two servers are those i am playing the most. i am also a streamer and vtuber under the name agapevt on twitch and stream between 3-4 times a week!

003. past designs.